April 2015. 4Assist will be providing two experts to participate in the team that will carry out the PEFA Assessment in Kosovo, which will start in May 2015.

April 2016. Four Assist participates in a Project being carried out for PEFA Secretariat entitled “Choosing the right tools to support PFM reform – PFM Diagnostic Instruments”. The study will aim to produce an update of the 2011 Task Force on PFM report which will provide a foundation for the global PFM community to understand the range of instruments for diagnosis and support for PFM reform that are available to them. A preliminary outline of the study is to be presented in the PEFA CONFERENCE AND TRAINING: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE in Budapest April 26-29, 2016.

The assignment was carried out within the Framework Service Contract ECFIN/012/2011 for Operational and PEFA Assessments. The specific objectives of the Moldova PEFA 2011 Assessment were to:

  • Track the progress since last PEFA assessment of 2008 needed to measure PFM performance over time, and to inform and strengthen the dialogue between the Government of Moldova and EU, but also the donor community, on strengthening PFM;
  • Assist the Government of Moldova and donor community to assess current PFM reforms and to identify potential PFM areas where further institutional support is required;
  • Assist the EU and other interested donors in determining the eligibility of Moldova for future budget support and macro-financial assistance programmes.

This assignment was carried out within the Framework Service Contract ECFIN/012/2011 for Operational and PEFA Assessments. Our experts joined a World Bank PEFA team on behalf of DG Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN). The following PEFA indicators were covered by our experts:

Internal audit:

  • PI-20 Effectiveness of internal controls for non-salary expenditure
  • PI-21 Effectiveness of internal audit

External Scrutiny and Audit:

  • PI-26 Scope, nature and follow-up of external audit
  • PI-27 Legislative scrutiny of the annual budget law
  • PI-28 Legislative scrutiny of external audit repo

Inter Governmental Finance:

  • PI-8 Transparency of inter-governmental fiscal relation

Donors practices:

  • D-1 Predictability of Direct Budget Support
  • D-2 Financial information provided by donors for budgeting and reporting on project and program aid
  • D-3 Proportion of aid that is managed by use of national procedures

Customs part of revenue related indicators (excluding the tax administration side):

  • PI-13 Transparency of taxpayer obligations and liabilities
  • PI-14 Effectiveness of measures for taxpayer registration and tax assessment
  • PI-20 Effectiveness
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