25 Oct,2011

This section is intended to disseminate information on important readings coming out of academia and professional circles. Our associates use this area both to recommend and to gain information on interesting articles in the respective fields.

Our associates recommend the following readings:

  • Allen, Richard and Tommasi, Daniel “Managing Public Expenditure, A Reference Book for Transition Countries”, OECD 2001.
  • Barrientos, Armando and Shepherd, Andrew (2003) “Chronic Poverty and Social Protection”, Paper prepared for presentation at the CPRC Conference on Chronic Poverty, University of Manchester.
  • Devereux, Stephen and Sabates-Wheeler, Rachel (2004), “Transformative social Protection”, Institute of Development Studies, Working Paper 232.
  • Easterly, William (2008, edited by), “Reinventing Foreign Aid”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Easterly, William (1999), “Fiscal Illusion: Taking the Bite Out of Budget Cuts” Economic Policy.
  • Flynn, Suzanne and Pessoa, Mario (2014), "Prevention and Management of Government Arrears", IMF  (
  • Lienert, Ian and Fainboim, Israel (2010), "Reforming Budget System Laws", IMF (
  • Parry, Michael. (2005), “Accrual Accounting for National Governments”, Public Fund Digest, vol.5 No 2 August 2005 (Washington D.C.: International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management).
  • Penrose, Perran (2008), “European Commission Budget Support Programmes: Nature, Dialogue and Design”.
  • Schick, Allen (2003), “The Performing State: Reflection on an idea whose time has come but whose implementation has not”, OECD Journal on Budgeting – Volume 3, no. 2, pp. 71-103.
  • Schick, Allen. (1998), “Why most developing countries should not try New Zealand’s reforms”, The World Bank Research Observer, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 123-31.
  • Sedrakyan, Gnel and Hadziyiannakis, Yiannis (2012), "EU Budget Support: Why is it important for Moldova?", Moldovan Economic Trends No. 8 (Q IV) 2012, pp. 88-96 (
  • Timmer, Peter (2004), “Food Security and Economic Growth: An Asian Perspective”, Centre for Global Policy, Working Paper Number 51.
  • Wynne, Andy (2004), “Is the move to Accrual based accounting a real priority for public sector accounting?” ACCA.

If you have any readings to suggest please contact us by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).