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Europe Day 2022: Results of two surveys on basic economic/financial education in Moldova

May 2022. On the occasion of the Europe Day 2022 celebration our PPF Project team prepared and run two mini surveys on b

Training Course on Costing of Public Investment Projects

April 2022. Our PPF Project team in Moldova delivered a training course on Costing of Public Investment Projects to part

Federated States of Micronesia - Senior Audit Advisor/ Expert Pohnpei Office of the Public Auditor

December 2021. We were assigned to support the improvement of accountability and transparency in public finance management in

Our Profile

4Assist is a network of professionals committed to the provision of quality consulting and advisory services in the field of development assistance.  We operate through a well established and growing international network of associates, with expertise in different fields


Our advisory services cover Capacity building, Analytical work, and Development assistance mechanisms.                                                 

About Us

Our network is based on a core group of highly experienced associates that work with us exclusively. There is also a number of distinguished colleagues that work with us regularly, albeit non-exclusively, in assignments covering specific thematic areas and fields of expertise.

Core Competencies

Economic Development

4Assist is involved in a broad range of themes in the field of economic development.    

Public Financial Management

4Assist is involved in the entire spectrum of Public Financial Management (PFM).      

Debt Management

The management of public debt is an integral part of PFM and one of the core areas of our team of 4A

Financial Analysis and Risk Assessment

4Assist is increasingly involved in work in investment and financial analysis.   In the last

Public Administration

4Assist has significant experience in Public Administration reform, which is a complementary theme t


4Assist has been involved in Education interventions in Jordan, Namibia, Kyrgyzstan, and Laos.  

Agriculture and Rural Development

4Assist has experience in agricultural and rural development policy formulation and rationalisation

Social Protection

4Assist has a wide range of advisory experience in all four major fields of Social Protection.  

Evaluation of Budget Support Programme State Building Contract in Ukraine

"January - April 2019. The 4Assist team of three experts, Yiannis Hadziyiannakis, Gnel Sedrakyan and Fotis Karayannopoulos, completed the evalution of the State Build"

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Mid-Term Review of 'Education Sector – Analytical & Capacity Development Partnership'

"Conducted the Mid-Term Review (MTR) of the Education Sector Support Program (ESSP) and formulated recommendations for the next period; and assess early impact of the"

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