April 2014 -  The objective of this review assignement is to assess PFM progress against existing baselines and targets for 2013 and 2014 and update the medium term programme objectives, indicators and targets for the year after. The mission will also report on Macro-economic environment, Budget Transparency and Risks linked to budget support. 

Sept.2015. A three-expert team of 4Assist is providing technical support to the MoFED in three critical areas: PFM reform implementation and reporting, budget planning and formulation, and government accounting and reporting.

March 2016. 4Assist successfully completed the Operational Assessment of the financial circuits and procedures in Moldova on behalf of DG ECFIN. A three-person expert team was mobilised for this assignment.

April 2016. Four Assist participates in a Project being carried out for PEFA Secretariat entitled “Choosing the right tools to support PFM reform – PFM Diagnostic Instruments”. The study will aim to produce an update of the 2011 Task Force on PFM report which will provide a foundation for the global PFM community to understand the range of instruments for diagnosis and support for PFM reform that are available to them. A preliminary outline of the study is to be presented in the PEFA CONFERENCE AND TRAINING: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE in Budapest April 26-29, 2016.