4Assist has a wide range of advisory experience in all four major fields of Social Protection.      

Experience includes work in Social assistance aimed at extremely poor individuals and households; work in developing, implementing and appraising Social Services for groups who need special care; work within the framework of Social Insurance systems aimed at protecting people against the risks and consequences of livelihood shocks; and work in Social Equity programmes designed to protect people against social risks such as discrimination or abuse.


Our strategic partnership with one of the oldest Non-Governmental Organisations in Greece K.M.O.P. (www.kmop.gr) has provided depth in the quality of our interventions. K.M.O.P. has a historical track record with working with the underprivileged through European Union programmes and Greek Government and private sector funding. K.M.O.P. has also been at the forefront of delivering Government social services for children in need, elderly and people with special needs.


In Armenia 4Assist associates were at the forefront of developing a government system for outsourcing social services (social contracting) to civil society organisations and adjusting the regulatory framework and public procurement processes to accommodate this reform. In addition to Armenia we have also worked extensively in this field in countries experience the shock of transition such as Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.