Financial Analysis and Risk Assessment

4Assist is increasingly involved in work in investment and financial analysis.


In the last few years we have been joined by associates with notable expertise in financial analysis (e.g. ratio analysis, z -score modeling, liability analysis, default analysis, asset–liability sensitivity analysis, etc.), credit risk assessment (risk  categorization (market risk, fx risk, operational risk, etc), liability credit risk modelling, etc), leveraging, project finance and investment opportunities assessment (evaluation, sensitivity and scenario analysis, ways of financing, etc).


Our team recently undertook extensive work in Moldova as part of the broader EU TA project "Technical Assistance to Improve Public Finance Policy and Public Financial Management in Moldova" in reviewing financial statements of Municipal-owned and State-owned Enterprises (SoEs) and assisting in the preparation of the relevant section in the Fiscal Risk Statement of the 2018 and 2019 State Budgets. Our associates also constructed an excel-based model to aid in the identification and measurement of financial risk and, designed and conducted an intensive training approach to raise the technical skills of Government officials in the analysis of financial statements and the financial risk and solvency of SoEs.



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