25 Oct,2011

4Assist has been involved in Education interventions in Jordan, Namibia, Kyrgyzstan, and Laos.               Our experience covers:

  • Education finance, including financial planning and budgeting systems, costing, fiscal sustainability analysis of education projects, budget execution and performance monitoring systems. This includes for instance mid-term review of the Education Sector Development Plan and improving the medium term financial planning system in Laos, and costing of the draft education development strategy in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Aspects of the quality of primary and secondary education, access to education and equity and distributional elements of education. We have advised on syllabus and curriculum development, teacher professional development and wider management and organisational issues necessary in a system of education.
  • Identification, formulation and evaluation of education programmes and projects, including budget support operations and technical assistance projects. This includes for instance formulation of EU budget support programmes and TA projects in the field of education in Namibia, Kyrgyzstan and Laos.

Conducted the Mid-Term Review (MTR) of the Education Sector Support Program (ESSP) and formulated recommendations for the next period; and assess early impact of the activities against ACDP objectives. The mission evaluated the Analytical & Capacity Development Partnership (ACDP) as a whole and its activities along the 5 OECD/DAC criteria, i.e. relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact adding to them the visibility criteria, which is important for both State policy-makers and the end-beneficiaries of the Civil Society.

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