Public Financial Management

4Assist is involved in the entire spectrum of Public Financial Management (PFM).                                                   


Our associates carry out work in Budget Planning and Formulation. This includes the relevant processes, procedures and rules, the methodological tools for costing government recurrent programmes and services, the systems needed for introducing performance related systems to public spending and the Budget, the planning and costing of capital projects within a Public Investment Programme process. In particular, we have been extensively involved in advising ministries of finance in the feasibility of implementing performance budget planning methods, such as programme budgeting and output budgeting. Many of our associates have worked in creating systems for outsourcing government services as well as in projects aimed at creating public private partnership mechanisms.


We believe that at the heart of a good planning process lies the understanding of fiscal realism in putting policy objectives into an achievable budget framework. Our in depth understanding of PFM and our experience in government budgeting and planning processes allow us a comprehensive outlook on the specific thematic sectors we are involved in. 4Assist experts strive to provide realistic solutions putting policy development recommendations in the context of the fiscal constraints of government financing and provide advice on public spending that includes elements of value for money and performance.


We have also substantial know how in Budget Execution Systems and Processes, including Treasury Management, Financial Management and Control, and Internal Audit, which is all captured within the conceptual framework named by the Public Internal Financial Control. Our experience also includes Information Communication Technology Application Systems in PFM, in particular government integrated financial management information systems.


On the Revenue side of the Budget, we have provided expert advice on both core elements, i.e. revenue (tax) policy and revenue (tax) administration processes. The latter is commonly a major challenge in developing countries and countries in transition where the necessary capacity needs to be created to put in force tax legislation and achieve tax policy objectives.


Many of our key associates have experience in advising Supreme Audit Institutions in transition countries and have in-depth expertise in audit methodologies and risk assessment.


Our associates have provided services in PFM in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Kosovo, Jordan, Ethiopia, and Namibia.