• Support mission 1: Formulation of General Budget Support programme.
  • Support mission 2: Budget Support conditionalities for the education sector.

The objective of this assignment was to support the EU Delegation in Lao PDR and the Government in formulating a budget support programme. The assignment involved two experts that undertook the core analysis of the current social and economic situation in the context of the national development strategy. Specific attention was given to the macroeconomic situation and the status of the public financial management system. Sector policies in the priority areas of health and education were assessed to determine the policy objectives and disbursement criteria for the programme. The analysis provided the basis for discussions between the EU Delegation and the Government for agreement on the budget support operation.

4Assist was awarded this 2-year service contract aimed to support the EU Delegation to Laos in its decision-making processes on specific assignments and its planning in line with the EU Joint Programming Document for Lao PDR 2016-2020. The ultimate goal of this project, to which we remain committed, is to improve the quality and impact of EU assistance to Lao PDR in line with the Aid Effectiveness principles. Our team indeed operates the EU-Lao Cooperation Facility providing support the EU delegation to Laos and facilitating specific activities within the ongoing and future EU-Lao PDR cooperation, in line with the EU’s bilateral development cooperation strategy in Laos. The focal areas for potential aid include Nutrition, Education, Health and Governance.

In October 2019, the project was extended for an additional 2 years.
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