Support Facility for EU Budget Support Operations in Lao PDR

4Assist provided the expert team for the EU Facility in Lao PDR supporting the on-going Budget Support (BS) Programme and the preparation of the future programme under the EU Bilateral Cooperation with the Lao Government (2016-2020).

Our team designed and delivered several workshops for Lao Government officials, EUD and EU Member states, as well as exchange workshops with Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar Governments in Hanoi and Phnom-Penh on public financial management, budget credibility and transparency, and the macro-economic policy.

Our team also undertook a number of annual assessments of the EU Budget Support General Conditions and provided advice on the design of EU Budget Support Sector Reform Contracts in the education and nutrition sectors of Lao PDR.

  • Country: Lao PDR
  • Implementation Period: March 2016 – October 2017
  • Beneficiary - Contracting Authority: EU Delegation to Lao PDR
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