October 2014 - The Operational Assessment of the financial circuits of Ukraine on behalf of DG ECFIN was completed.        This was requested by the EC as a matter of urgency following the decision made to support the transitional government.

This assignment was carried out within the Framework Service Contract ECFIN/012/2011 for Operational and PEFA Assessments. Our experts joined a World Bank PEFA team on behalf of DG Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN). The following PEFA indicators were covered by our experts:

Internal audit:

  • PI-20 Effectiveness of internal controls for non-salary expenditure
  • PI-21 Effectiveness of internal audit

External Scrutiny and Audit:

  • PI-26 Scope, nature and follow-up of external audit
  • PI-27 Legislative scrutiny of the annual budget law
  • PI-28 Legislative scrutiny of external audit repo

Inter Governmental Finance:

  • PI-8 Transparency of inter-governmental fiscal relation

Donors practices:

  • D-1 Predictability of Direct Budget Support
  • D-2 Financial information provided by donors for budgeting and reporting on project and program aid
  • D-3 Proportion of aid that is managed by use of national procedures

Customs part of revenue related indicators (excluding the tax administration side):

  • PI-13 Transparency of taxpayer obligations and liabilities
  • PI-14 Effectiveness of measures for taxpayer registration and tax assessment
  • PI-20 Effectiveness
January - April 2019. The 4Assist team of three experts, Yiannis Hadziyiannakis, Gnel Sedrakyan and Fotis Karayannopoulos, completed the evalution of the State Building Contract in Ukraine. The main purpose of this evaluation was to provide the relevant services of the European Union and the interested stakeholders with an overall independent assessment of the performance of the State Building Contract, paying particular attention to its results measured against its objectives; factors that made possible or created obstacles to the achievement of results; key lessons and recommendations in order to improve future budget support programmes.

4Assist associates, together with our consortium partners BDO (UK), carried out an EU Operational Assessment in Ukraine.

Operational Assessments are launched by the Directorate General of Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) in order to assess the financial circuits of partner countries eligible for Macro-Financial Assistance (MFA) programmes. The MFA is a form of extraordinary financial (budgetary and balance of payments) support offered to pre-candidate and candidate countries to the EU, as well as countries of the European Neighbourhood.

This is the second such assessment in Ukraine in recent years which will lead to significant financial support for Ukraine.

Since 2011, our consortium has carried out Operational Assessments in the Kyrgyz Republic, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Moldova and Georgia. 4Assist highly values the continued confidence of DG ECFIN in undertaking these critical assignments.

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