Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) study in Ukraine.

This assignment was carried out within the Framework Service Contract ECFIN/012/2011 for Operational and PEFA Assessments. Our experts joined a World Bank PEFA team on behalf of DG Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN). The following PEFA indicators were covered by our experts:

Internal audit:

  • PI-20 Effectiveness of internal controls for non-salary expenditure
  • PI-21 Effectiveness of internal audit

External Scrutiny and Audit:

  • PI-26 Scope, nature and follow-up of external audit
  • PI-27 Legislative scrutiny of the annual budget law
  • PI-28 Legislative scrutiny of external audit repo

Inter Governmental Finance:

  • PI-8 Transparency of inter-governmental fiscal relation

Donors practices:

  • D-1 Predictability of Direct Budget Support
  • D-2 Financial information provided by donors for budgeting and reporting on project and program aid
  • D-3 Proportion of aid that is managed by use of national procedures

Customs part of revenue related indicators (excluding the tax administration side):

  • PI-13 Transparency of taxpayer obligations and liabilities
  • PI-14 Effectiveness of measures for taxpayer registration and tax assessment
  • PI-20 Effectiveness
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Implementation Period: May – June 2011
  • Beneficiary - Contracting Authority: European Commission, DG Economic and Financial Affairs
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