Landmark issuance of 7-year government bond for the first time in the history of the Republic of Moldova

April 2021. The Ministry of Finance of Moldova has succeeded to issue for the first time a 7-year government bond in the domestic market.
Our 4Assist team is proud to have assisted the MoF in this process which is an essential element towards sustainable government financing as well as economic development. Our team has provided assistance to the MoF over the years in the development of the domestic government securities market. In 2018, Moldova issued the first medium-term Government Security, a 5-year Bond.
The achievement this time is again significant, especially if one considers that Moldova has extended the maturity profile of its public debt amidst the unfolding COVID-19 crisis.
The success also marks the beginning of a renewed channel of communication between the MoF and the Primary Dealer banks of Moldova, geared towards the common goal of developing the Moldovan capital market. Our team supported the MoF in preparing and entering into dialogue with the Primary Dealers.
For more information on our work in Moldova check our project webpage which is a compartment of the MoF website:
We also refer to the previous bond issued in 2018 (